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ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi

Specified beauty developments persist in the ever-altering realm of skincare due to their performance and user-friendly mother nature and a single these kinds of craze is recognised as “slugging” that has garnered major notice in the splendor sector of late. It involves a clear-cut nighttime routine intended to impart suppleness, dampness and revitalisation to your pores and skin.

What is K-magnificence slugging skincare development? Advantages, criteria and caveats, guidelines to “slug” your skin (Picture by cottonbro studio on Pexels)

The Origin of Slugging

In an interview with HT Life-style, Dr Kritu Bandhari, MD in Dermatology and Cosmetology and Founder of Orijine Clinic, shared, “The phrase “slugging” in skincare comes from South Korea, a location known for its artistic elegance routines and merchandise. People today who are passionate about skincare in South Korea started off utilizing this term to explain a follow in which they utilize a thick layer of petroleum jelly or a equivalent sealing moisturiser as the final action in their nighttime skincare program. The title is derived from the idea that the thick layer of products resembles the trail remaining by a slug.”

How to “Slug” Your Skin

In accordance to Dr Kritu Bandhari, the slugging skincare pattern is as very simple as it is helpful and this is how you can integrate it into your nightly skincare regime –

  • Cleanse Thoroughly: Begin by using a delicate, sulphate-absolutely free cleanser to clean your experience and eliminate makeup, grime and impurities. This initial cleansing step forms the foundation for your skincare plan.
  • Use Your Skincare Solutions: Adhere to your regular nighttime skincare regime, which may well contain applying serums, moisturisers and unique therapies. Allow these products to take up into your pores and skin entirely. Make positive to use products that match your skin kind and deal with your precise problems.
  • Seal with an Occlusive: The moment your other skincare objects have soaked in, use a compact amount of petroleum jelly (identical to Vaseline) or a sealing moisturiser and gently address your full confront with it. Make certain that the layer is slim and even.
  • Overnight Hydration: Leave the occlusive layer on your pores and skin overnight. As you rest, it will generate a barrier that helps prevent dampness decline, helping your pores and skin remain hydrated.

Advantages of the Slugging Skincare Trend

Dr Kritu Bandhari disclosed –

  • Intense Hydration: The main advantage of slugging is its means to lock in dampness. The occlusive layer seals in the moisture from your prior skincare goods, stopping it from evaporating right away. This leads to nicely-hydrated and plump skin in the morning.
  • Barrier Security: Slugging generates a protective defend for your pores and skin, guarding it from environmental threats like air pollution and dry air. This can be specifically practical in colder months when the skin tends to get drier.
  • Comforting and Healing: Using slugging can enable folks with irritated or harmed pores and skin. It can help soothe and defend the skin’s barrier, endorsing more quickly therapeutic and reducing redness.
  • Soft and Easy Texture: With steady use, lots of people today report that slugging success in significantly softer and smoother pores and skin. This is notably useful for individuals with dry or coarse pores and skin.
  • Affordability and Accessibility: A person of the ideal factors about the slugging trend is that it truly is price-helpful and very simple to incorporate in your day-to-day plan. Petroleum jelly is a commonly offered and low-cost products.

Factors and Caveats

Dr Kritu Bandhari cautioned, “Although the slugging skincare craze can be remarkably productive for many persons, it could not be the correct selection for anyone, specially those with excessively oily or acne-vulnerable pores and skin. The major occlusive layer could most likely guide to breakouts in these instances. If you have any concerns or specific skin challenges, it’s a good strategy to discuss to a skin doctor right before giving this trend a try.”

She concluded, “The slugging skincare trend presents a very simple nevertheless effective way to achieve intensely hydrated and gentle pores and skin. This development, which originated in South Korea, has unfold all through the world due to the fact it may perhaps preserve and support your pores and skin retain humidity. Slugging can help your skin truly feel refreshed and all set for the working day by introducing it to your nightly skincare plan. Ahead of employing a new skincare routine, it truly is important to take into account your one of a kind skin form and calls for, just like with any other skincare follow.”

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