Petersburg native DB Donamatrix offers hometown balanced way of living tips

PETERSBURG — How did Petersburg indigenous Don “DB Donamatrix” Brooks, a superstar physical fitness trainer, respond to his hometown staying ranked the unhealthiest city in Virginia when all over again?

Researchers at the College of Wisconsin-Madison produced the results of the 2022 County Wellness Rankings in April. Petersburg was ranked lifeless past for the fifth time in a row.

In 2018, DB Donamatrix was identified for his contributions to the exercise and wellness industries. The City of Petersburg proclaimed April 3rd as Don-A-Matrix Day to persuade all citizens to market very good health and fitness activities and become bodily energetic.

“Donamatrix Day is specific to me,” DB Donamatrix, a VSU alumni, reported. “My mission is to make a change that will have a long lasting effect on the children, households, faculties, governing administration and anyone again home.”

Donamatrix Day at Petersburg Sports Complex on April 2, 2022.

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In March, DB Donamatrix overtly expressed how it hurts to browse negative headlines about his hometown. The man with the plan who desires to transform the narrative of overall health outcomes about Petersburg supplies his choose on the 2022 report completed by researchers at the College of Wisconsin-Madison.